The British Association of the Var was initially formed in April 1998, and today has over 350 members. It is a charitable association registered under the appropriate French 1901 loi association authority.

We are devoted to helping those British people who are in difficulty, and the Welfare Team helps those who encounter unexpected problems such as illness, accidents, bereavement or financial difficulties. See the separate Welfare section for a more detailed account of its function.

Regular social events are held in all parts of the Var, and prove invaluable for introducing members to one another. They also provide a valuable means of raising funds to support the welfare aims of the Association.

Membership provides a monthly newsletter, which gives details of forthcoming events, and reports on activities that have taken place. It also has snippets of information which members should find useful when dealing with their daily French routine.

We also provide a range of Christmas and other greetings cards,
and a Membersí Address Book which is made available to members only.
The Address Book is issued in the first quarter of the year and the AGM is held usually in March.

There is a Committee of up to 8 members which directs the affairs of the Association in accordance with the Statut. Each Committee member serves for 3 years before seeking re-election.