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Last month, BAV member Loraine shows us how to make a delicious ginger cake, and the video is online for you!

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Please note that two ingredients are missing from those shown at the beginning of the video, so Loraine repeats the full ingredient list at the end.

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Past Events 2020
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Les Arcs Walk and Quiz
Friday 9th October 2020

Despite the current issues on social interaction 17 members of the BAV arrived in Les Arcs on a very sunny Friday morning to stroll the village and answer a quiz.

We did not "meet in the village" as originally planned, as the questions and map had been provided prior to the day, however we did manage to say hello as we saw other members arriving for morning coffee.

With no set start time, some took a long coffee break whilst others were keen to get to it and set off to find the answer to the first question.

Here the first of the challenges arrived - when the quiz was set there was only 1 large wooden structure near the town square, however, following a recent flood a second monument had appeared as it had been transferred from another area! We therefore allowed Catapult or Wooden Wheel as correct answers.

Moving on, the early starters found the church closed and presumed it was due to the current situation, whereas the reality was they were just too early. Those who had taken a leisurely coffee were therefore rewarded as they arrived at the church after its opening time of 11.00.

The quiz then directed you through the old town and what a delight that was. Who would have known that the town most noted for having a TGV stop, actually had such a picturesque and historical area - certainly somewhere worth another visit.

The last question on the quiz was the final challenge as it asked the price of meals at what looked like an excellent hotel. However, the hotel was exceptionally closed so you could not pass the locked entrance gates into what looked like a stunning courtyard. So, no answer to the final question and those who checked the prices on google had the answer discounted :-)

Finally, the group spread across several, socially distanced, tables for coffee at the end of the walk and papers were marked. The competition was very close however the winners, with a score of 39 out of 44 were Kevin & Maria Bell and Peter & Monique Holdway.

That said, on the day we were all winners as we once again explored the hidden gems of a Provencal village, so many thanks to Gillian Dyer for her research and for setting the quiz.

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