The first British Association of the Var Information Sheet originated in 2003, and over the passage of time we produced 21 other information sheets covering topics as varied as: Death in France; French Clubs; Going to School in France; Living in France; Capital Gains; Health; Inheritance Tax; Car Registration; and Having a Baby in France - just 9 of the 22 sheets made available.

As the quantity of sheets expanded so the task of attempting to keep up to date with legislation changes, as they occurred and effected individual sheets, became a very onerous and time consuming project. Why should the BAV continue attempting to reinvent the wheel? There are available very professional sources of information provided by other organisations, who regularly, because they have professional and employed individuals for such a project, maintain the accuracy of the details our members or website visitors may be seeking.

Therefore we now provide three alternative potential sources for help guides or information that people could be seeking in an emergency or for more general reference.

Our first recommendation is that you visit The Connexion, France’s English Language newspaper at this web-link

At the link you will find 18 very professional and informative help-guides, ranging from Health care in France, Current Years Tax Guide, French Inheritance Law and CESU – Employing People at your Home.

Yes you will have to pay for their Help-Guides, but with prices ranging from 5€ to 11.50€ dependent on the size and complexity of the subject one wishes to investigate we feel it is a price worth paying for information continually being up dated as legislation changes.

The tax guide is a very comprehensive and detailed product and researching and producing that topic would be well beyond BAV capabilities.

A second source of free general information on many topics with links to other websites is AngloInfo, whose websites can be found at :

For the Côte d'Azur

For Provence

There you will find a vast selection of topics covered, which may provide the answer to your question.

The third and final link covers a source for dealing with death and burials in France and is supplied by the Bereavement Support Network of the Var -

Go to their useful information section and there are three pdf files that are free for individuals to download.

We feel certain that the links above will provide the information that individuals are seeking. If a link to a topic is not discovered please email with your request and we will try and provide further assistance.