From the August 2019 Newsletter:

Heatwave advice

Heatwave advice Hopefully the worst is over but here are some points you should remember during hot weather to keep you healthy and comfortable:

- Keep hydrated

- drink 2 litres of cool drinks dailywater or soft drinks. Avoid alcohol.

- Eat regularly.

- Keep cool by splashing yourself with water throughout the day.

- Keep your house cool by closing shutters, curtains etc. to keep the sun out.

- Stay indoors during the hottest part of the day.

- If you need a cool place your Mairie will have a room set aside for residents to use.

- If you feel unwell dial 15.

- Check on neighbours and friends who may not be coping well. If they are not breathing, start CPR - including breathing into their mouth followed by chest compressions - until the emergency services arrive.

New flight tax

A new “eco-tax” is to apply to all airline tickets for flights departing from French metropolitan airports by 2020, the French government has announced.

The tax will cost from €1.50-€18 depending on the ticket price and class. It will apply to all passenger tickets on any flights, from any airline, leaving any French airport from 2020 onwards. Exceptions will be made for passengers who are in France only to catch connecting flights, and for flights to Corsica or overseas French territories. It will not apply to arrivals.

The measure is expected to raise €182 million per year, which will be invested in infrastructure to support more ecological forms of transport, transport minister Elisabeth Borne confirmed this week.

The government promised that the tax will not unfairly penalise Air France, as the measure will apply to all airlines. The tax on domestic flights and flights within the European Union will start at €1.50 for an economy class ticket, and €9 for business class. For destinations outside of the European Union, this will rise to €3 for economy class, and €18 for business class.