September 2017:

From the September Newsletter...

Events Coordinator

Having served on the Committee for four and a half years, Kevin Bell has recently tendered his resignation, although he has agreed to continue with the co-ordination of events until October. Kevin has assisted the Committee admirably over recent years and has well organised the booking and administration of events as well as producing the quirky and sometimes amusing round robins. We are very grateful to Kevin for his work with the Committee.

Fortunately, the boules group has, once again, offered up another victim / Committee member to take over the responsibilities of Events Coordinator in the form of Peter Holdway who has recently committed to a move with his wife, Monique, from the U.K. and from his home in Carces to move to Cotignac, a regular breeding ground for Committee members. We therefore fully welcome Peter onto the Committee, this being the subject of a vote at the next AGM.

Insurance Claims

Hopefully none of us will need to make an insurance claim but members should be aware that, in France, time is of the essence in making a claim, in that, a claim must be made within 5 days of an incident (sinistre) giving rise to a claim or the discovery of such damage.

It is therefore important to contact your insurance company immediately and they will then give a Declaration to be completed, appropriate to the claim, which may also need to be completed by other involved parties (neighbour, syndicate / property management company etc.).

In the case of motor insurance you must carry in your car the blue Declaration form. In the event of an accident one copy needs to be completed and signed by both parties. Each party should then have a copy of this. On this form it is necessary to give details of your driving licence, insurance company and insurance agent with all relevant names, addresses and telephone numbers. It may therefore be appropriate to carry these details in the car with this form.

Don't forget that, in making a claim, there will be an insurance excess (franchise), and no claims discount, which you will need to take into account when making the claim.

There are now a variety of insurance comparison sites available on the net but be aware that, in dealing with a claim, you may be happier in dealing with your local agent rather than a faceless individual over the telephone in Mauritius!.