From the June 2019 Newsletter:

BAVCHAT - Have you joined yet?

BAVCHAT is the new communication initiative within the BAV and more than 30 members have already signed up.

It provides a method for members to communicate with others who have signed up, to (for example) dispose of unwanted items, give advice on items such as travel and places to visit, or give details of upcoming village events.

Examples of posts include someone seeking information on the new Nice Airport Tram, a member obtaining a fridge from another member which otherwise would have been binned, a member advising others of a special offer on swimming pool chemicals at Lidl.

The system is confidential and your email address only becomes visible if you post something directly onto BAVCHAT - not if you simply respond to someone's post.

In addition it does not allow commercial advertising or marketing so you will not be inundated with emails. So, if you would like to join BAVCHAT, simply drop an email to and we will do the rest.

Cold callers

Cold callers Bloctel, France’s inefficient cold-call blocking service, was introduced in 2016. It is free to use and government-backed, and allows anyone with a landline or mobile phone to have their numbers removed from commercial telephone lists.

It was not widely publicised that this only applied for 3 years so it is now time to sign up again. It is not very successful as there are too many loopholes and calls still get through, but in the absence of anything better it will filter some calls

In August 2018 we reported that a new scheme was under discussion where customers had to opt in to receive sales calls, but sadly this has been rejected, much to the displeasure of the French “Which?” organisation “UFC-Que Choisir”.

“Living in France” - useful information on Brexit

Official information British people moving to and living in France need to know, including EU Exit guidance, residency, healthcare and driving: